Epitopic Fingerprinting Services

The information gathered by epitope fingerprinting is already a huge advantage over standard methods when analyzing a single antibody’s epitope. For polyclonal sera the sequence database, once generated and stored, can be searched for any additional antigen epitopes without repeated experiments and additional materials even years after running the selection experiment.

EPITOPIC’s service performs faster, more efficient and with much less material than any standard method applied recently. We are open to design new protocols to select peptides binding under special conditions and our customers are invited to follow the important steps in epitope search and data preparation by regular briefings even in simple and even more in specially tailored projects to solve unique tasks. See here how a typical project is planned and run.

All that is required are µg quantities of antibodies or a few hundred molecules per antibody in a polyclonal serum.

There are usually no strings attached.

EPITOPIC has standard prices for routine services with single antibodies, which will be dealt with immediately. In urgent cases we have determined epitope fingerprints in two weeks. Most customers are interested in more than one antibody and discounted prices may apply for such packages. This is also the case for long term agreements or when we can pool antibodies for more economic work schedules.

For example reports see here.

Please contact us for more information.

  • Dare to know the true value of your antibody
  • Skip time consuming chemical peptide synthesis