Identification of Mimotopes

Sometimes antibody targets are labile, expensive, or inaccessible, in such cases a peptide mimotope can be a surrogate in all kinds of assays.

Epitopic’s technology enabling in-depth fingerprinting of antibody epitopes will identify them, too. In most cases, antibodies also bind to peptides different to the actual epitope (by sequence), even with higher affinity. In some cases, these are of advantage, especially when structurally complex antigens’ epitopes are difficult to reproduce in a high affinity peptide. Such mimotope peptides can be useful tools in assays quantifying for example therapeutic antibodies in production and patient monitoring, when the actual antibody target is instable (GPCRs), expensive (hormones) or for other reasons not compatible with standard, e.g. analytical and diagnostic procedures.

Statistical analysis of the outcome of the epitope fingerprinting process allows the identification of candidates with high affinity and little chemical or stability issues. They bind as specific as original antigen, although they might not be identical by sequence or even apparent structure.

The work effort and samples requirements are almost identical to normal epitope fingerprinting.
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  • Peptides replacing complex molecules
  • Mimotopes instead of full size antigens